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Best Players Of Switch Hit | Top 10 Switch Hit hitter in cricket
10 Best Players Of Switch Hit

10 Best Players Of Switch Hit

Top 10 Switch Hit hitter in cricket

Best Players Of Switch Hit: The word “unorthodox” seems to mean something very different in modern cricket. The reverse sweep was thought to be a new shot 10 years ago. Today, most batsmen know how to use this shot. The switch hit is one of the more unusual shots that are played today. It seems to be the one that people are most interested in.

The main difference between this shot and the reverse-sweep is that in a switch hit, the batter changes from a right-handed to a left-handed batsman and vice versa by switching the positions of the bat’s handle. In a reverse-sweep, the batter doesn’t change his handle and instead plays an unusual sweep shot. As cricket has changed over the years, players have come up with new strokes that weren’t even possible before. Helmets have also made it possible for modern cricket players to try new moves without worrying about hurting themselves. The switch hit is a modern stroke that has only been around for a few years. However, more and more young cricketers are learning this stroke and adding it to their repertoire.

Here are the best players of switch hit:

Kevin Pietersen:

Kevin Pietersen was the first player to start playing switch hit at the international level. It was different from reverse sweep because Pietersen changed how he held the bat and almost played it with his left hand.

David Warner:

After Pietersen discovered the switch hit, other cricket players around the world started using it, including Australian opener David Warner.

Warner is a power player like Pietersen and can hit sixes down the ground. However, just to mess with the field position of the other team’s captain, he often tries the switch hit in white ball games and usually hits it.

Colin Munro:

Colin Munro is another player who changes his stance and goes right-handed, especially against off-spinners who take the ball away from him.

When Munro changes his stance, a delivery with an off-spin comes toward him instead of away from him. This lets him play across the line of the ball without too much risk.

In 2016, Munro hit Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin for a six over point by changing his stance. This was during a group game of the T20 World Cup.

AB de Villiers:

Even though De Villiers has all the shots in the book, he doesn’t switch hits very often. Most of the time, he plays the reverse lap, in which he changes the way he holds his bat without changing his stance and hits the ball behind the stumps between the keeper and the short third man.

But De Villiers also plays the switch hit by completely changing his stance from time to time.

Rishabh Pant:

Rishabh Pant, the young Indian star, is also a good switch hit player. The left-handed player hasn’t used the switch hit much at the international level, but he’s shown a lot of control over it while playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Robin Uthappa

The Kodava batsman may now be more concerned with playing the right shots in cricket, but in the beginning of his career, he was very creative with his stroke play. He would often walk down the wicket to fast bowlers and hit them over their heads for boundaries and sixes.

During this time, though, he also played a few switch hits, the most notable of which was against Ajanta Mendis in the IPL in 2010. He has also tried to play the way other bowlers do, but he hasn’t been very good at it.

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is an Australian batsman who seems to like bowlers who spin the ball. His switch-hitting, especially off Ashwin’s bowling in this year’s IPL, surprised everyone, and even Ashwin later admitted that the hard-hitting right-hander had fooled him.

Sachin Tendulkar practicing the switch hit

Even Sachin Tendulkar seemed to have been affected by the switch hit bug, which may surprise some. Here is a video of the Master Blaster trying his hand at the shot.

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