List of Oldest Players to Play Cricket

List of Oldest Players to Play Cricket

Oldest Players in Cricket: Every game of cricket requires a lot of mental and physical strength. As with most popular sports around the world, cricket players tend to quit when they reach a certain age.

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The constant mental and physical stress of this sport is too much for them. In cricket, the average retirement age is between 35 and 40 years old. Despite these odds, some players have kept playing cricket even when they were much older. Check out this list of the top 10 old cricket players who played internationally.

Top 10 Oldest Players to Play Cricket

1. Wilfred Rhodes

From 1899 to 1930, Wilfred Rhodes played cricket for England. Born on July 8, 1973, Rhodes played his first game against Australia on June 1, 1899. As a member of the team, he played in 58 Test matches. At Sabina Park, he played his last Test match against the West Indies on April 3, 1930. He was 52 years and 165 days old when his international cricket career ended. Wilfred Rhodes is ranked at the top of this list of old cricket players.

2. Bert Ironmonger

Second on this list of old cricket players is an Australian batsman who hit the ball with his left hand. With the official team, Bert played 14 Test cricket games. At the Exhibition Ground, he made his debut against England on November 30, 1928. He played his last Test match against England at the Sydney Cricket Ground on February 23, 1933. The man was 50 years old and 327 days old.

3. W.G. Grace

On July 18, 1848, W.G. Grace was born in England. He played his first Test match for England at the Kennington Oval on September 6, 1880. Australia played the game. Over the course of his career, he played 22 Test matches. He played his last match against Australia at Trent Bridge on June 1, 1899, when he was 50 years and 320 days old. This is the third old cricket player on this list.

4. George Gunn

In 1907, George Gunn played his first game for the English men’s team against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He scored 1120 runs in 15 games, with a high of 122 runs and a strike rate of 84.08. The last game he played was against the West Indies on April 3, 1930. At the time, he was 50 years old and 303 days old.

5. James Southerton

On the list of old cricket players, James Southerton is the fifth person. The Melbourne Cricket Ground hosted his first international Test match on March 15, 1877. A sixteen-day period later, he played his last international match against the same team. He was 49 years and 139 days old when he played his last cricket match. In his short career, he played only two Test matches. He is also the oldest person in history to play cricket.

6. Miran Bakhsh

Miran Bakhsh, a Rawalpindi-born cricket player who plays for Pakistan, is the sixth person on this list of old cricket players. Baksh had also played only two matches during his career. He played his first Test match against India on January 29, 1955, and his last match against them on February 13, 1955. Bakhsh played his last game at the age of 47 years and 302 days. The second-oldest cricketer to play his first game is him.

7. Sir Jack Hobbs

Born on December 16, 1882, Sir Jack Hobbs was an English cricketer. He played his first international game against Australia on January 1, 1908. A total of 5,410 runs were scored by him in 61 Tests. It was also against Australia that Hobbs played his last game. He was 47 years and 249 days old when he died on August 16, 1930. On the list of old cricket players, he ranked seventh.

A Table of These Players with Statistics

Sl. NoPlayer NameCountryTest DebutLast TestLast Appearance at Age
1Wilfred RhodesEngland01-06-189903-04-193052 years, 165 days
2Bert IronmongerAustralia30-11-192823-02-193350 years, 327 days
3W.G GraceEngland06-09-188001-06-189950 years, 320 days
4George GunnEngland13-12-190703-04-193050 years, 303 days
5James SouthertonEngland15-03-187731-03-187749 years, 139 days
6Miran BakhshPakistan29-01-195513-02-195547 years, 301 days
7Sir Jack HobbsEngland01-01-190816-08-193047 years, 249 days
8Frank WoolleyEngland09-08-190918-08-193447 years, 87 days
9Don BlackieAustralia14-12-192801-02-192946 years, 309 days
10Herbert StrudwickEngland01-01-191014-08-192646 years, 202 days
Oldest Players in Cricket

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