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Popular Football Goals of All Time - CricBuzzSat
Most Popular Football Goals of All Time

Most Popular Football Goals of All Time

Popular Soccer Goals of All Time

Popular Football Goals: Eren Derdiyok made one of the best goals in the history of football. His goal had all the qualities of a great goal, like skill, acrobatics, and a great touch. But the question is whether Derdiyok’s goal is the best ever.

Popular Football Goals

I’ve put together a list of the top 20 football goals of all time after watching a lot of video.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo vs Porto

We start with a world-class player. Cristiano Ronaldo was Manchester United’s finest player before joining Real Madrid. This was Ronaldo’s finest Manchester goal.

After drawing the first leg, Manchester United needed a win at Porto to advance in the 2009 Champions League. Ronaldo scored with a 40-yard shot. Manchester United advanced with that goal. Ronaldo’s performance that night is rare. He’s a remarkable talent who plays football we all wish we could.

9. Zinedine Zidane vs Bayer Leverkusen (2002 CL Final)

Zinedine Zidane scored arguably the greatest Champions League goal. It was the 2002 champions league final winning goal.

Zidane’s left-footed volley flew into the net. Zidane had a lifetime to prepare for that shot, and he delivered one of Real Madrid’s greatest moments. Another masterpiece by one of the game’s greatest players.

8. Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico (World Cup 2006)

Maxi Rodriguez scored a great goal against Mexico in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Round of 16.

This audacious goal helped Argentina advance to the quarterfinals with a 2-1 win over Mexico. Rodriguez chested and volleyed the ball from long range.

The Liverpool player scored one of the best goals ever on the world stage, and we thank him. Liverpool fans wish he could do the same for them.

7. Ronaldinho Overhead Kick vs Villarreal

Ronaldinho is a legend. He was fast, agile, strong, balanced, and powerful. Ronaldinho may have been football’s best player, but he wasted his talent by drinking and partying.

This goal demonstrates Ronaldinho’s actual skills, which made him one of the best ever along with Zinedine Zidane. This goal is one of the most entertaining in history.

Ray Hudson’s analysis was as exciting as this goal, with words like “Like Betamax, they don’t make them like him anymore.”

6. Charles- Edouard Coridon vs Porto

Charles-Edouard Coridon is remembered for his Champions League goal against Porto. Luck determined this goal.

Coridon tried a cheeky back heel from a cross delivered behind him, and it went in with improvisation and luck. If it failed, he’d have gotten so much flak.

In the end, we achieved a great aim we can be proud of.

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic Solo Goal at Ajax

Zlatan Ibrahimovic began his career at Ajax, where he showed everyone how good he was. At one point, he even shook the cameraman as part of this goal. Yes, a lot of players could match Ibrahimovic’s run, but do you think they could do it with their shoelaces undone?

After he scored, pay close attention to the video to see him tie his shoe. Even Rafael Van der Vaart was envious of that kind of skill.

4. Thierry Henry vs Manchester United

Thierry Henry was likely the most dangerous and best player in Premier League history.

Henry’s brilliant and dominant play at Arsenal was best shown by this goal he scored against Manchester United. This is the first time I’ve seen a turn and strike like this. Anyone who has played football knows that this goal is almost impossible to reach. And Andy Gray’s comments are the icing on the cake.

I just think it’s an amazing goal that requires great skill and even courage to reach. One of the most important goals I’ve ever seen.

3. Rafael Van der Vaart Back Heel

Rafael Van der Vaart was a great football player for Ajax before he went to Real Madrid. This goal he scored was out of this world. I still don’t know how Van der Vaart did this back heel, which is the third best goal of all time.

2. Dennis Bergkamp’s Touch of Genius

Dennis Bergkamp’s 2002 goal against Newcastle is still remembered by Arsenal fans.

The Dutchman got a pass from Robert Pires with his back to the goal and Dabizas on him. He flicked the ball with his left foot, whirling around Dabizas to beat Shay Given. This goal is so mind-boggling and magnificent that it’s hard to describe; watch it to see why it’s number two.

1. Roberto Carlos Thunderbolt Strike vs Tenerife (1998)

Roberto Carlos had the best free kick and goal in history. Physics-defying objective. Real Madrid’s Brazilian left back converted the ball into a white rocket and sent it past the corner flag and into the top corner of Tenerife’s net.

No one knows how the ball went in or if Carlos even tried to score. Carlos’ goal against Tenerife is the best-ever.

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