Most Records of Stuart Broad

Most Records of Stuart Broad

Most Records of Stuart Broad

Most Records of Stuart Broad

Most Records of Stuart Broad is an English cricket player who was born on June 24, 1986. He plays Test cricket for the England cricket team and has been the captain of both the One Day International and Twenty 20 International teams.

Here are the top 10 records of Stuart Broad

Most Test matches in career

Broad, who is 35 years old, is only the third English cricketer to play 155 Test matches, which is something worth mentioning. Stuart Broad is only the 10th cricketer overall to reach 155 Test matches for any team.

Most Ducks in a career

Stuart Broad is one of the best bowlers England has ever had in Test cricket, but he has trouble with short balls. This is something that everyone in the cricket world knows. So, whenever Broad comes up to bat, he gets hit with a lot of short pitches, which leads to him being out. But in the process of getting these runs, Broad made 39 ducks. This makes him the second batsman in Test cricket history with the most ducks.

Fastest to 500 wickets

Stuart Broad is the last bowler to join the list of those who did it the fastest. Broad got his 500th wicket in 140 Tests while playing against the West Indies in Manchester. He had been playing international cricket for 12 years and 228 days at that point.

Most wickets on a single ground

Stuart Broad has taken 99 wickets at Lord’s, London.

Most Balls bowled

Stuart Broad is in fifth place in most balls bowled (31367).

Most Runs conceded in career

Stuart Broad is in Fifth place in most runs conceded in his career, which is 15355.

Winning all Tosses in a series

Stuart Broad is in 3rd place in winning all tosses in a series.

Outstanding bowling analysis in an innings

Stuart Broad is in 1st place in Outstanding bowling analysis in an innings.

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