Pakistan Don’t Want To Play In Ahmedabad Unless It’s WC Final

Pakistan Don’t Want To Play In Ahmedabad Unless It’s WC Final

WC Final: Cricket matches between Pakistan and India have always been highly anticipated events, showcasing the intense rivalry and passion between the two nations. However, amidst the excitement, there have been persistent security concerns surrounding these matches. This article delves into the security issues faced by both countries and explores the measures taken to ensure the safety of players, officials, and spectators during Pakistan-India cricket encounters.

The historical context tells us that the security concerns surrounding Pakistan-India cricket matches, it is important to acknowledge the historical backdrop. The political tensions and conflicts between the two countries have often spilled over into the sporting arena. Instances of hostile encounters, protests, and acts of terrorism have raised serious security apprehensions. Terrorist organizations have often targeted sporting events in the past, aiming to disrupt peace and garner attention. Both Pakistan and India have faced security threats from various extremist groups, making the protection of cricket matches a crucial undertaking.

Cricket matches between Pakistan and India often become platforms for political demonstrations and protests, further complicating security arrangements. Managing these situations effectively while ensuring the safety of everyone involved is a paramount concern.

Last but not least, the respective governments of Pakistan and India collaborate closely to ensure security during cricket matches. This includes intelligence sharing, coordinated law enforcement efforts, and the deployment of specialized security forces. So cricket stadiums are fortified with multiple layers of security. Rigorous access controls, thorough screening procedures, and the presence of law enforcement personnel are implemented to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises. Not to forget and recognizing the significance of Pakistan-India cricket matches and the security challenges they pose, international cricket bodies, such as the International Cricket Council (ICC), working closely with the host nations to ensure adequate security arrangements. Exchange of expertise, sharing best practices, and conducting security audits are essential components of this collaboration.

Having said all, Pakistan-India cricket matches are not only sporting spectacles but also touch upon sensitive political and security matters. While security concerns remain, both nations are committed to providing a safe environment for cricket and maintaining the spirit of the game. By implementing robust security measures, engaging in international collaboration, and addressing underlying political tensions, it is possible to mitigate the risks and uphold the sporting integrity of these highly anticipated encounters.

Thus, presently the Asia Cup and its hybrid model proposed by PCB is under circulations for the same reasons. The hybrid concept involves two parts to the competition. Pakistan will host Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal in the first phase. India’s second-round games will be played in a neutral venue. Sri Lanka is the preferred location since India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka are fighting the UAE because it is hot there. The final will still be held at the neutral site even if India does not qualify. The timetable will be released at the end of June once the ACC formally announces the hybrid model.

Najam Sethi, the president of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has sent a warning to the leaders of the International Cricket Council (ICC) on his team’s strategy for the upcoming ODI World Cup. The most recent rumours state that Sethi has threatened ICC executives that his nation won’t play in Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium until they are made to compete in the knockout rounds. On October 5, the winter edition of the ODI World Cup is anticipated to begin.

Sethi told Barclay and Allardice that Pakistan doesn’t want to play in Ahmedabad unless it’s a knockout match like the championship game. If the Pakistani government grants the national team permission to travel, he asked the International Cricket Council to organise their matches in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. According to the PTI news agency, a senior PCB source stated that India would be hosting the worldwide event slated for October and November.

Geoff Alardice, the general manager of the International Cricket Council, and Barclay recently visited Pakistan to confirm their participation in the ODI World Cup. The PCB and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) are currently facing criticism for how the Asia Cup was handled. India won’t be attending the tournament in Pakistan while a hybrid approach has been suggested to ensure the Asia Cup’s seamless operation.

“Sethi argued that it was unjust for Pakistan to receive less money from the ICC in the upcoming cycle than it did for Australia and England. According to Sethi, players from Australia and England participate in the Indian Premier League and routinely play bilateral series with India.

Currently, the PCB president is also dissatisfied with Pakistan’s revenue sharing from the ICC events as a result of the most recent meeting. In comparison to Australia and England, Pakistan will receive a smaller part of the money the International Cricket Council (ICC) would make from its upcoming events.

The Asia Cricket Council (ACC) is scheduled to decide the locations in the coming days, but the Asia Cup format is still in question. The Asia Cup locations will be determined by the Asia Cup Committee (ACC), which is led by BCCI Secretary Jay Shah.

The wobbly attitude of Pakistan Committee Board continues and Najam Sethi keep on showing its stubbornness to the international fraternity. Only the time will tell the true picture of upcoming tournaments later this year.

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