Rohit Sharma “More Than Happy” To Groom Team India’s Future Captains 2022

Rohit Sharma “More Than Happy” To Groom Team India’s Future Captains 2022

KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rishabh Pant are all potential future captains, but he has outlined his own job as the bridge between them and the rest of the leadership team.

Rohit Sharma stated:

In his early years, he was groomed by someone, and India’s new all-format captain Rohit Sharma stated on Wednesday that he would like to follow the “natural process” of preparing his heir apparent for the major role when it comes to taking over as skipper when the time comes. As well as dispelling concerns about his availability across formats in a tight schedule, the 34-year-old, who was recently selected captain of India’s Test team, stated that he would be participating in “all games.”

While he expected the three potential future captains — KL Rahul, Jasprit Bumrah, and Rishabh Pant — to develop organically as leaders, he did describe his own position as a “bridge” between them. Despite the fact that “I won’t have too much of a part in telling them everything” and that “they are all mature cricketers,” Rohit noted on the eve of the T20 International series against Sri Lanka that “someone needs to be around to help them and guide them in difficult times.”

Rohit sharma talked about MS Dhoni

We have grown up and progressed through the ranks to become captains in this manner. “I am more than pleased to do that,” says the captain “He went on to say more. However, it was Mahendra Singh Dhoni who had designated both Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma as the flag-bearers of Indian cricket during his time as captain, despite his refusal to name any names in his speech.

“We were also groomed by someone else,” says the author. Each and every person goes through this process; we are no different here, and we are the same as everyone else. For example, if we talk about Bumrah, KL, Pant, and the rest of the team, they all have a significant part to play in India’s success while also being regarded as leaders in their own right.”

Rohit talked about Bumrah and Rahul

Nonetheless, while he wishes to prepare them for more significant roles in the future, he does not wish for them to veer from their primary goal, which is to win games for India. Rohit explained, “They realize what they need to accomplish as individuals and that there is a burden on their shoulders, and again, I don’t want to put any pressure on them, because these men are very important to us and we want these guys to come out freely and execute skills.”

As a result of Rishabh Pant’s absence and KL Rahul’s injury, Rohit will be accompanied by Jasprit Bumrah as his vice-captain for this series. When asked what he felt of a bowler serving as deputy, Rohit responded that it is the attitude that counts, not the precise skill-set.

“Jasprit Bumrah possesses an excellent mind”, according to Rohit:

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether the batter or the bowler is on the field. It is the individual’s thinking that is important, and I believe Jasprit Bumrah possesses an excellent mind… He has taken the game to a new level, according to Rohit, who has observed it attentively. “It is a terrific way for him to step into the leadership role, and I am confident that he has done so,”

According to Rohit, playing games in bio-secure conditions doesn’t bother him, and he only takes breaks when he feels the need to do so Before Rohit’s selection as Test captain, there were worries about whether he would be interested in leading across formats given the rigorous international schedule, but the Indian captain set the record straight. When it comes to the games, “I have no concerns at this time, and I’m looking forward to playing them all!” “This is what Rohit had to say.

Rohit added a comprehensive workload management plan

There is always a fluctuation in one’s workload, but one takes it day by day, understanding what one is doing and when a break is needed, one takes it and someone else comes in. “You can see how the other man who can fill in, what kind of potential he has.” For now, things are going well “The skipper remarked on this.

Rohit added a comprehensive workload management plan is being created for a season that includes home games against Sri Lanka, IPL, tours of England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the Asia Cup in Pakistan, and the T20 World Cup in Australia. “I know exactly how I want to proceed. Clearly, managing workload is important for everyone moving forward “he said.

“Our squad has a lot of injuries, so we have to be careful how we rotate people. We are attempting to manage that and build a road map for how we want to move forward “he said.

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