Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers in The World

Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers in The World

In cricket, wicket-keeping is just as important as batting, bowling, and fielding. Many wicket-keepers have taken wickets in cricket’s history. Sometimes the wicketkeeper wins. It’s important to be fast and alert as a wicketkeeper. He won’t stump because he’s slow.

As the balls bounce behind the batsman, he has to be aware, concentrated, and quick. A bad wicketkeeper can ruin a team. We’ve highlighted a few great keepers.

The World’s Greatest Wicketkeeper

1. Adam Gilchrist

Another renowned Australian skipper is Adam Gilchrist. There are four Aussies out of 10. Gilchrist was a legendary batsman and wicketkeeper. The most ODI wickets belong to Adam Gilchrist. With 32 centuries and 81 half-centuries, Adam Gilchrist scored more than 15000 runs. He’s got a test high of 204 not out. Cricket: 416 dismissals with 379 catches and 37 stumps; ODI: 472 dismissals with 417 catches and 55 stumps.

In test cricket, he hit more than 100 sixes. There are only three players who have won three world cups. During his career, Gilchrist won a lot of awards.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
1896 (Tests)
287 (ODIs)
379 (Catches)
37 (Stumps)
417 (Catches)
55 (Stumps)

2. Mark Boucher

South Africa’s best wicket was Mark Boucher. Boucher had 555 test dismissals, 532 catches, and 23 stumps. There have been 425 dismissals, 403 catches, and 22 stumpings in ODIs.

Boucher has the most catches in a test. He’s played for a few IPL teams. First person to have 400 test dismissals. Three times he’d won player of the year. In all forms of cricket, he’s dismissed 999 times.

During his international career, Boucher scored almost 10000 runs, 6 centuries, and 61 half-centuries. He’s 147 not out in ODIs. In 2012, he had to retire because of eye damage. Since 2019, Boucher has been South Africa’s cricket coach.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
9147 (Tests)
295 (ODIs)
532 (Catches)
23 (Stumps)
403 (Catches)
22 (Stumps)

3. Kumar Sangakkara

In all three forms, Sangakkara ranks third. Over 28000 runs, 63 centuries, and 145 half-centuries in three forms. Three hundred and nineteen tests. There were 202 dismissals in tests with 182 catches and 20 stampings, and 501 in ODIs with 402 catches and 99 stumpings.

Leader in ODI wickets. Cricketer of the year for the ICC. Sri Lanka won the match in 2014. Sangakkara quit cricket to become an anti-drugs ambassador. Sangakkara won awards. Even after retirement, he holds records. Sangakkara commentates on the Champions Trophy and IPL. 

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
11134 (Tests)
404 (ODIs)
182 (Catches)
20 (Stumps)
402 (Catches)
99 (Stumps)

4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is fourth. Dhoni is a successful Indian cricketer. One of the most dangerous keepers in the IPL. A great wicketkeeper and player.

It was a good hit and finish from Dhoni. It wasn’t easy for MS Dhoni to get to India. India won several games under Dhoni. I’ve won two World Cups, two Asia Cups, and one Champions Trophy. In 538 international matches, Dhoni has 17000 runs, 16 centuries, and 106 half-centuries. 183 not out. In test cricket, he’s got 294 dismissals with 256 catches and 38 stumpings, and 444 with 321 catches and 123 stumpings. CSK is led by Lt. Col. Dhoni. It’s a record-breaking career for Dhoni. He’s the most-caught wicketkeeper in test cricket. The movie chronicles his struggle to make the Indian team.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
790 (Tests) / 350 (ODIs)256 (Catches)
38 (Stumps)
321 (Catches)
123 (Stumps)

5. Ian Healy

Third Australian is fifth. Cricketers practice wicket-keeping. Healy has the most dismissals in test cricket.

He’s got 395 test dismissals, 366 catches and 29 stumpings, the most in cricket history. In 168 ODIs, Healy had 194 catches and 39 stumpings. He scored over 5000 runs with 4 centuries and 26 half-centuries in his international career.

He got a 161 on his test. Mark Taylor captained Australia for 8 ODIs while he was injured. Healy was inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame in 2008. He started a car wash that washes 50 cars an hour after retiring.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
7119 (Tests)
168 (ODIs)
366 (Catches) 29(Stumps)149 (Catches)
39 (Stumps)

6. Jeff Dujon

Jeff Dujon, the former West Indies keeper, is 6th. With five centuries and 22 half-centuries, he scored 5000 runs. In test cricket, he caught 267 balls and stumped five.

204 dismissals, 183 catches, 21 stumpings in ODIs. Dujon played 81 test matches for West Indies and won them all. He was the West Indies assistant coach in Jamaica after he retired in 1992.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
81 (Tests)
170 (ODIs)
267 (Catches) 5(Stumps)183(Catches) 21(Stumps)

7. Moin Khan

Moin Khan is a Pakistani batsman. He was on the team from 1990-2004. Over 14 years, he got 147 dismissals. 287 dismissals in ODIs. He led Pakistan’s team a few times. Over 6000 runs, including 4 centuries and 27 half-centuries.

He’s played 137 tests. Rashid Latif, who was the wicketkeeper for the Pakistani team when Moin was there, got dismissals that may have helped Moin Khan’s ranking. In 2014, he was Pakistan’s coach.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
569 (Tests) 219(ODIs)128(Catches) 20(Stumps)214(Catches) 73(Stumps)

8. Rod Marsh

Rodney Marsh is eighth. In 96 tests, Marsh took 355 wickets. No one’s ever been fired so fast. Rodney scored this in the 1970s and 1980s. In 92 games, he played 124 ODIs. There are 5000 runs, 3 centuries, and 20 half-centuries for Marsh. Marsh is inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame. He became a cricket analyst after retiring.

At Australia’s cricket academy, he taught Adam Gilchrist and Brett Lee. Director of the EWCB for five years. He won awards for his career.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
96 (Tests)
92 (ODIs)
343 (Catches) 12(Stumps)120 (Catches)
04 (Stumps)

9. Brendon McCullum

Former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum is ninth. McCullum’s 56-ball century is the fastest ever in test cricket. He’s the only player with two 100s and 2,000 runs in T20Is.

McCullum played for multiple IPL teams. During his test career, he caught 168 and stumped 11 wickets. In ODIs, he’s been dismissed 242 times.

It’s the only time a New Zealander has scored over 1000 runs in a year and reached a triple century. In 2016, McCullum quit cricket. He scored 170 runs in his last test. Over his career, he won a lot of awards. Coached him too.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
42101 (Tests) 169(ODIs)198 (Catches) 11(Stumps)262(Catches) 15(Stumps)

10. Brad Haddin

Bradley James Haddin comes in 10th. As a back-up wicketkeeper for Australian captain Adam Gilchrist, James wasn’t a full-time wicketkeeper. Brad Haddin will replace Gilchrist if he’s injured or can’t play.

Haddin proved he wasn’t just a backup wicketkeeper. Brad’s the second wicketkeeper with five half-centuries in tests. Brad was at his best from 2007-2015. 270 dismissals in tests. His 270 dismissals came from 262 catches and 8 stumpings. He got 6 wickets in one test. Also great in ODIs. In 126 ODIs, he took 181 wickets.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
5766 (Tests) 126(ODIs)262(Catches) 08(Stumps)170(Catches) 11(Stumps)

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