Top 10 Greatest Female Batsmen of All Time

Top 10 Greatest Female Batsmen of All Time

Female Batsmen of All Time: Cricket has a long history of only being played by men. But since the turn of the 20th century, cricket has added a new element to the game. In the new version of cricket, both men and women could play and play for their country’s national teams. Here is a list of the top ten best female batsmen ever.

From Belinda Clarke to Fitzpatrick to Mithali Raj, Sarah Taylor to Smriti Mandhana, the world of cricket has seen a lot of great female batsmen. Women’s cricket has gone through a lot of changes as cricket has become more professional over the years. Cricket for women is very different from cricket for men. The boundaries are shorter and the ball is lighter.

Top 10 Best Female Batsmen of All Time

There are three ways for players to prove themselves in women’s cricket: T20l, ODIs, and Test cricket. Let’s take a look at the best women batswomen in the world’s history.

1. Mithali Raj

One of India’s best female batsmen. Mithali Raj has over 8000 runs in international cricket since her ODI debut against Ireland at age 19.

She debuted in Lucknow in 2001 against South Africa. Mithali Raj surpassed Karen 209* with 214 against England in the third test. As captain, she guided the Indian women’s team to the 2005 women’s cricket world cup finals. Raj is the only captain to lead his team in most ODIs and T20s.

She won the Arjuna Award in 2003 and is considered one of the best female cricketers ever. She averages above 50 in test and OD cricket and 37 in T20s.

2. Sarah Taylor

It’s the finest female wicket-keeper batsman in cricket. Taylor is the fastest woman to 1000 ODIs. Sarah, a wicketkeeper, often started the batting for England against Australia.

Taylor is one of England’s most successful batsmen, with over 6000 runs. Taylor won the 2009 and 2019 T20l world cups. She’s the second-best female batswoman of all time.

3. Belinda Clark

Australia’s 1991-2005 batsman. Clarke scored the first limited-overs double-century in 1997. (the fact very fewer people know). Clarke’s strong batting won Australia two world cups.

Clarke averages 45 in ODIs and Tests with over 5500 runs. Clarke was Australia’s leading run-scorer in ODIs for nearly two decades. It would be unreasonable not to rank her third among the top 10 woman batswomen of all time.

4. Charlotte Edwards

Charlotte Edwards revolutionized England women’s cricket before Sarah Taylor. At 17, she was England’s youngest captain.

Charlotte Edwards has led England women’s cricket to success. Edwards won three Ashes titles, the T20l, and 50-over world cups. She was the first woman to score 2000 and 2500 T20ls runs. Edwards averages 44 in tests and 38 in ODIs. In T20ls, 32.

5. Debbie Hockley

Debbie Hockley was New Zealand’s women’s cricket superstar before Suzie Bates.

She never lost a test series as captain. Debbie has the most world Cup runs (1501) and has played in five world cups. She was the first female cricketer to score 4000 ODI runs and 100 ODIs. In 20 years, she has averaged 52 in tests and 41 in ODIs. She’s fifth on the list of top 10 female batsmen.

6. Suzie Bates

After Debbie Hockley, probably New Zealand’s best female batsman. She’s New Zealand’s leading ODI run-scorer after overtaking Debbie Hockley’s record in 2018 against Ireland. Bates also played basketball in the 2008 Olympics.

Over 7000 ODI and T20 runs for New Zealand. Bates averages above 40 in ODIs and has 3214 runs, surpassing Charlotte Edwards (2605).

7. Karen Rolton

Left-handed batter and former Australia captain won two world cups. Karen Rolton averaged 47 throughout her career with nearly 6000 international runs.

In 2006, she replaced Belinda Clarke as captain. In 2010, she retired after 14 years of cricket.

8. Stefanie Taylor

She earns this spot after setting a number of records for the West Indies since her 2008 debut. 2011 ICC Cricketer of the Year (the first-ever female cricketer from west to receive this award). Taylor was the first West Indies woman to reach 1000 ODI runs.

The current West Indies women’s cricket skipper has over 6000 ODI and T20 runs. Taylor has 198 wickets in 195 international matches. Her all-around performance landed her among the top 10 best female batsmen of all time.

9. Claire Taylor

The former England top-order aggressive batsman was crucial to England’s golden period. She was the first female Wisden Cricketer of the Year.

Taylor was named ICC women’s cricketer of the year in 2007 and 2008. She deserves to be on this list after her achievements.

10. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry will occupy this place after receiving several honors for her Australian batting efforts. She’s Australia’s first cricket and football world cup representative.

Perry averaged above 50 in tests and ODIs with over 5600 runs. She proved that women aren’t far behind men and is the 10th greatest female batsman of all time.

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