What is impact player rule?

What is impact player rule?

A new Impact Player Rule will be introduced in the Indian Premier League (IPL) next season, the League announced on Friday. According to the IPL Governing Council, the basic rules will be the same as those used in the recently concluded Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy.

Apart from the top eleven players playing a particular match, teams can take four substitutes or impact players. Any player from the initial XI can be replaced by one of the four substitutes during the match.

What means impact player?

In addition to making a significant contribution individually, impact players also have a great impact on the entire team. In addition, there is the mental game: how they view their role, work with their managers, and deal with adversity and ambiguity.”

What is Impact player rule in IPL?

Team captains have the option to replace one member of their playing XI with a substitute during a match. State teams participating in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy largely welcomed the new rule.

Can the substituted player take further part in the game?

Substituted players cannot participate in the game – not even as substitute fielders. However, if a player is injured while fielding in the middle of an over, the current playing conditions, as outlined in MCC Law 24.1 – substitute fielders, will apply. If the injured player is replaced by the Impact Player, he cannot participate in the match. As a result, Impact Player can only be introduced after the fielding team has completed its over.

In the event an Impact Player is used by a team and an injury occurs, MCC Law 24 – Fielder’s absence; substitutes – will apply. Substitute fielders may replace injured players if umpires determine that the injured player has been injured or become ill during the match. Substitutes are not allowed to bowl or act as captains.

Will teams be allowed an Impact Player in shortened games?

The answer is yes, but not if a delayed start makes the match shorter than 10 overs per side.

How is this different from BBL’s X-Factor rule?

A team may substitute a member of its starting XI beyond the 10th over of the first innings, but the replacement cannot have batted or bowled more than one over. The replacement player can bowl a maximum of four overs, even if the player they replace has bowled.

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