Virat Kohli and the wait for the next century: What the statistics says?

Virat Kohli and the wait for the next century: What the statistics says?

Will Kohli score a century in the coming matches in July?

Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli, No. The No. 1 batsman in the ICC rankings for a long time, and who was touted as a replacement for the legendary player, the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, is now going through the worst form of his career.

There was a time when people used to say that Kohli is the only player who has the ability to break Sachin’s record of 100 centuries. But the fact remains that Kohli is now miles away from those days as he hasn’t scored a century in the last three years!

Everyone is talking about Kohli’s bad patch and Indian cricket fans are looking forward to shine on the field again with 100 to his name. And Kohli has a chance to fulfill his fans’ dream in the month of July, as in July, India is going to take on England at their home ground, where Kohli will still be the No. 1 batsman in the Indian side.

Kohli Last Century: Why is Kohli out of form?

Being the captain of the Indian cricket team and the Indian Premier League or IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kohli has gone through a lot of pressure over the years. He is so popular that people demand a century from him in every single match, and if he fails to run in even a single match, fans and media start criticizing him badly.

Virat Kohli

Also, during the pandemic, the team and Virat Kohli were out of matches and practice for almost two years. This definitely affected Kohli’s form badly. Kohli is a player who cannot fail – so people believe.

And no wonder this level of expectations puts high pressure on the player. Every time he goes to bat for his team, there is pressure in his mind that there are some people who will start criticizing him for failing to perform.

No one will bare her. Media, selection committee, fans; and if he fails then everyone will start attacking him. And only a player knows how it feels when you have to play under such tremendous pressure.

And if we talk about Kohli, then he is not only about the Indian cricket team, he was also the captain. So he had to perform both as a captain and as a batsman. He had to score good runs on the scoreboard and win matches for his team as well. There’s a lot of pressure to play under.

Though Kohli is a class player, sometimes the pressure becomes unbearable and the nerves fail. It is not possible to play in the same form in every match.

Also, the Indian cricket team goes through perhaps the toughest schedule every calendar year. He has to play many series in all formats of cricket, as well as he has to play IPL matches. The Indian cricket team is the one team that gets the least rest. And fatigue certainly affects a player’s form.

And because of all this, there is a lot of potential for it to collapse for any cricketer, even if it is the great Virat Kohli.

Will Kohli return to form in the July series?

Although India have a five-match T20I series against South Africa before flying to England in July, Kohli is likely to miss that series.

The board management and team selection committee headed by former Indian cricketer Chetan Sharma will likely rest Kohli in that T20I series against South Africa.

Rumors are rife that Kohli will not play against South Africa as he has spent a lot of time in the bio-bubble. The selection committee feels that he needs some rest from cricket.

Virat Kohli

Not only Kohli, a board member said that all senior cricketers will get periodic breaks every calendar year. It is believed that this policy has been introduced to keep all players fresh and give them a break from the toughest cricket schedule in the world so that fatigue doesn’t ruin their form like Kohli’s.

Though we say cricket is just a one ball game, and your luck is decided by that one ball, Kohli is such a class player and he can do anything with his bat on the field. It is only a matter of time before Kohli is back in his great form, and when he returns to his form, he will again be a beast against the bowlers.

So we can expect that after getting enough rest, Kohli will be able to start afresh in the series against England in the month of July 2022. And since he is one of the legends of Indian and world cricket, that’s just one thing. It’s time for him to bring back the devil inside him against the rival bowlers and hit incredible strokes and score incredible runs on the scoreboard for Team India.

Our Opinion:

So, if you ask me about Kohli, yes, I believe his off form will be over as soon as he starts playing on the England ground in the month of July. Because he, Virat Kohli, is not ready to give up!

He is a talented batsman and the greatest of all time in the world! And last but not the least, he is a player who gives more than his potential. So he will return against England in July and regain his throne.

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